Picture in a Frame

In a world where nothing stands still, where time is fleeting, we awake to the peace of the morning, before slipping into the reflection of the night.

Each new day presents a new beginning — we take our time to let thoughts linger for a second longer before they start taking shape, making their way into the Frames of our minds.


Inspired by film photography, our newest print, Picture in a Frame, mirrors the art of its process and the irreplaceable result of moments captured in time. The fundamental process of developing negatives creates the space for us to frame our minds as we patiently await for the pictures on film to come to life in the darkroom.

The gradual reveal of hidden details, from darkness to light, mirrors the unveiling of our own thoughts during this season. It’s a profound feeling — to slow down, pause, and anticipate.

In this collection, every detail is thoughtfully considered, from the intentional layering of elements, gentle glimpse of the hills, abundance of brushstrokes, to the precision of the graceful pleats.

The big picture is the sum of all its small parts.

With the arrival of Fall, emotions run deep, and vivid. The brisk air and gentle rustling leaves create a sense of nostalgia, establishing a connection between our inner world and the space around us.

An invitation to embrace life’s quieter moments, to delve into the spaces we create, and appreciate the beauty of stillness.

Just as we hold life’s quieter moments close to heart, we invite you to live with intention, and to find joy in the unknown. For it is in these moments, that we appreciate the beauty of life and all it has to offer.

“We find beauty not in the thing itself but in the patterns of shadows, the light and the darkness, that one thing against another creates.”
– Japanese author and cultural critic, Junichiro Tanizaki


Designed in three colourways, the full Picture in a Frame collection will be available from October with the first womenswear instalment.


Author’s note: Picture in a Frame is a depiction of actual film images taken in Kyoto, Japan.