Way to the Fairground

Pleasure at the Fairground is on the way;
time to walk around, be free, and roam

It’s always the simple things that feel so good:
cloud-peppered skies on a sunny day,
the scent of freshly baked cookies,
afternoons spent painting by the lawn,
made complete with the company of
family and friends.

Pleasure at the Fairground is on the way;
let’s give in to Love until
it finds you a home

Pleasure at the Fairground,
you are on your way:
a little ray of light shining through

On the

Way to the Fairground is an invitation to bask in the fun-loving ways of life, cherishing the smallest of moments that bring the greatest joys. The inspiration behind our newest collection draws deeply from the nostalgia for freedom and childhood innocence, moving forward always with wide-eyed wonder and curiosity.

The designs and elements within this collection reflect a path for us to embrace the pleasure of free-range adventures; whether it’s through the accents reminiscent of carnivals, or the vibrant, muted palette that paints nostalgic enjoyment.

As we enter a new beginning, it is our hope that this newest print, Way to the Fairground, will spark and reignite your cheerful spirit.

Come by, and enjoy your time at the Fairground.


Designed in three printed colourways, Way to the Fairground will be available from 17 January 2024 with the first womenswear instalment.