Oh, the springtime is coming
And the trees are sweetly blooming

And the wild mountain thyme
Grows around the glorious heather

Will ye go, lassie go?
We will all go together

Introducing our Spring 2024 print, Heirloom, a special collaboration with US-based fibre artist, Kayla Powers. Our newest print is a beautiful adventure, unlike anything else that came before it — a unique patchwork of panels inspired by the earth we walk on, from the willowing barks in the forest, to the vast ocean and the blooming buds of the season.

Just as how an heirloom carries sentimental significance for a family that has held it for decades, the world around us carries so much meaning and significance to its people. Heirlooms take root in emotions, carrying memories and stories of the ones before, and help us stay connected.


In preserving heirlooms, we get to preserve a part of our history and identity, serving as tender reminders to think about what’s most important, and meaningful, in our lives:

What would we want to pass on to future generations? How can we bring deeper meaning and add value to their lives?


This season, as we go back to our roots and discover the things and people that matter most, we hope you’ll take along our Spring print, Heirloom, with you.

We hope the garment you possess brings about a story to be told and treasured in time to come. May you find cherished favourites to last you through the seasons.



Our Spring 2024 print, Heirloom, is a special collaboration with US-based fibre artist, Kayla Powers. Designed in two printed colourways, Heirloom will be available from 21 March 2024 with the first womenswear instalment.

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