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Female Magazine

The first time’s always special, and we’re glad to have this space to share and document our debut media interview and press write-up. Here’s a snippet of the article:


#4: It’s not just about the clothes.

This midi dress ($109) comes with cross-back straps for a girly, feminine touch.


“Every month, our theme changes according to how we’re thinking of spending our time. In December, it was gifting, and this January, it was hosting (in light of the Lunar New Year festivities). With the launch of our Wildflower collection, we gave away wrapping paper in that print, and for our Birthstone collection, we gave away a set of coasters with the same print. Besides having people wear our clothes, we want to communicate to our customers in a more engaging and immersive way and be a part of their everyday lives. Clothing is a medium I’m comfortable with, and thus it was my starting point, but hopefully Our Second Nature will grow into something much bigger. ”


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