On Set With:

Sadie Culberson

A word from the photographer, Sadie Culberson, for our Wavelength editorial.

“We actually shot everything in my living room and bedroom. I’ve never done that before for a professional shoot but I thought it would help me express the values of the session better. […] it was essentially an extension of my life right now, mixed with the fun and effortless energy of Eva (the model), and the clothing pieces.”






“I have a “play space” in my studio where I have all of my favorite items on display so it helps me create art that really inspired me and is important to my heart.”







“Amongst them are my travel journal with entries and memories from every trip I’ve ever been on,”






“and the white book is the Ellsworth Kelly ‘Plant Drawings’ book. It’s a truly great book full of his drawings.”





“I created a playlist we listened to while shooting,”







Have a listen: Sadie’s Playlist






“I broke the session up into 3 stages—one was the home session that I wanted to feel more laid back and easy,”






“The next stage was the studio which focused more on bold movements and playfully interacting with the space. I added a mini stage with the red backdrop paper to play with some more color.”








“The next and last portion focused on shadows and playing in the light from the sun setting.”







“By this point, we were both exhausted so it helped that this section of the shoot was in my bedroom and Eva enjoyed simply lying in the bed and running her hands through the light.”