A Morning With:

Athina Doukaki

We met Athina not too long ago when we found her business, The Wandering Workshop. Together with her husband Jose, they set out to create ‘toys made of dreams’.Handcrafted in Greece where they now reside, each toy is created to be beautiful in its minimalism, to reflect the world around them, and to invite the child to invent the play.

We wanted to know more about how she goes about her day and where she draws inspiration for her craft; here’s what she told us!



What’s a regular morning like for you?

I like starting the day early at 6.30am so I can take it nice and easy. This is when I normally have my first cup of coffee, and enjoy some quiet moments and conversations with my husband Jose before our toddler gets up from bed.




Alexandra is not yet in school, and since we have the luxury of time, we like to read her favourite book together in bed to get started for the day. We then leave Alexandra to play for a bit while Jose and I get ready for work. 

What’s the one thing that helps you get started for the day?Coffee!! Coffee time has always been my ‘me’ time where I get to enjoy the first light and be with my thoughts (which often brings about inspiring ideas for my work!). One of my vivid childhood memories is actually of my grandma drinking her coffee in the kitchen in the tranquility of the morning. That moment always seemed magical to me; something I had no access to as a child but am fully embracing it now. 



What’s your favourite part about Mornings?

I really enjoy the quietness of the mornings and the stillness it brings. It’s the first moments of the day where everything is warm and gentle. We live in a very quiet area, surrounded by trees and often with the birds chirping in the background. It’s so relaxing, and I find it easiest to connect with myself in these few hours. 

Find out more about Athina and her cute store here.

Here’s to embracing the warmth of mornings and spending time with our loved ones amidst the hustle.

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