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Membership & Tiers

What is The Bluhaus Club?

The Bluhaus Club is an invitation-only programme dedicated to our true blue customers. It is operated by Vemimo, the parent company of Our Second Nature.

Click here to find out more about The Bluhaus Club and here to review your Club benefits.

How can I join the Club?

The program is currently full for this year. Management and the Community Team goes through an annual review to discover and invite new members into the programme at the start of every Calendar year.

To enter the programme, potential members should spend a minimum of $800 annually. Invitation is also based on overall engagement and interactions with Our Second Nature and its representatives, whether online or in-person, or both.

How can I upgrade my membership tier?

Prior to the start of each membership year, the team goes through an annual review to invite new members and determine membership tiers for our existing members. To be considered for an upgrade of your membership tier in the following year, simply ensure that:

1. Your annual spend (excluding discounts and shop credits) meets the criteria
Explorer: S$800
Enthusiasts: S$6,000
Connoisseur members: by invitation only

2. You maintain a pleasant and positive code of conduct in stores and across all online interactions

Will my membership tier change in the same membership year?

No. Your membership tier and privileges are pre-determined so you will get to enjoy the benefits through to the end of the membership year. Any changes to your membership tier shall be implemented on an annual basis.

What happens if I lose my membership card? Can I get a replacement card?

We offer complimentary replacement for the first incident, and subsequent replacements are S$100 each time.

To report loss of card, please reach out to us at with your name and OSN account. Our team will assist you with the replacement of your membership card.

All accounts are protected with a Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), providing an added layer of security, designed to prevent unauthorised access to your account.

I would like to change my email address for my Club account. How may I do so?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to change your email address once you have registered for the Club.

How is my membership tier determined? Does everyone start off as an Explorer?

Your Club status is determined through a specially-designed system that reviews all aspects of your customer journey, both tangible and intangible, such as your spend over 12 months and overall engagement with the brand. Depending on these factors, you may be invited to join the Club as an Explorer, Enthusiast or Connoisseur.

Will I be able to join The Bluhaus Club midway through the year?

Our team conducts an annual review to select qualified members for the following year of membership. While you will not be able to join the programme midway, your current spend and engagement will contribute towards qualification for the new membership year.

I don’t live in Singapore. Can I be part of the programme?

Unfortunately, membership is only open to Singapore residents at the moment. Stay tuned as we will be working on bringing this programme to other parts of the world in the future.

Blu Points Reward Programme

When can I start earning Blu Points?

The Bluhaus Club Blu Points reward programme will take effect on 1st January 2023.

How can I earn points?

Blu Points can be earned through cash purchases in-stores and online. Blu Points will not be awarded to discounts or shop credit payments.

Enthusiasts and Explorers: $1 spend = 1 Blu Point
Connoisseurs: $1 spend = 3 Blu Points

Collectors may convert Blu Points to shop credits to offset future purchases.
100 points = 1 shop credit

Your Blu Points will not expire as long as you remain a Club member.
Reward points that have been converted to shop credits will have a validity of 180 days from the date of conversion.

Will non-members be able to earn points with the introduction of Blu Points?

The Blu Points reward system is exclusive to The Bluhaus Club, hence only applicable for registered members.

What happens to my Blu Points if I make a return?

You will still get to retain your Blu Points in the event you make a return. All returns are refunded in shop credits.
Subsequent purchases made using the shop credits will not earn additional reward points.
E.g. 50 shop credits + $10 cash payment = 10 reward points earned (Enthusiast & Explorer tiers).

Can I transfer my points to another Bluhaus Club member?

Blu Points are non-transferable and cannot be extended to another member.

Can I convert my shop credits back to Blu Points?

Unfortunately, once Blu Points have been converted to shop credits (with a 180-day validity period), they cannot be reversed. Since Blu Points do not have an expiration date as long as you remain a Club member, you may take your time to convert your points when you're ready.

Referral Programme

My friend has made a purchase but I have not received a bonus! Why is this so?

Referral bonus is only awarded for each successful purchase through your unique referral link. To be eligible for a referral bonus, do ensure that:

1. Your friend has used your referral link to sign up for a new account and is not an existing customer prior to the referral.

2. Your friend has made a successful cash purchase of any products from Our Second Nature (whether in-store or online) with the exception of gift card purchases. All gift card purchases are not eligible for referral bonuses.

Is there a limit to the number of friends I can refer?

There is no limit to the number of referrals you make as long as each of your friends are unique new customers to Our Second Nature and do not own an existing account.

In Store Early Access

(Connoisseur & Enthusiast Members Only)

Can I appoint someone to enter the store during Early Access to shop on my behalf?

Only one member is able to enter the store during each early access launch. Should you wish to appoint a friend to shop on your behalf, your appointed friend must be able to present proof of your membership, and also be able to fully access your Club account, including the 2FA code upon login to complete purchases. Please note our retail team is unable to sign in to your account on your behalf due to security restrictions. The 2FA code is strictly accessible by you.

I’m running late and can’t arrive within the Early Access hour. Can I still enter the store ahead of the rest?

Early Access for Connoisseur and Enthusiast members is strictly from 9am to 10am on store launch days. Once you are in store, you may take as much time to discover our collections. Should you arrive after the Early Access hour has passed, you will be required to join the regular queue.

I am an Explorer member. How can I get early access to the store?

Unfortunately, early access to store launches is exclusively granted to Connoisseurs and Enthusiasts of the Club. To find out more about how to qualify, refer to the section on 'How can I upgrade my membership tier?'

For any concerns or assistance regarding your membership and privileges, email our Community Team at

The Bluhaus Club reserves the right to revise these terms and privileges at any time without prior notice.