A love letter for

Our Second Home

On the morning of Thursday, 18 January 2018, we opened the doors to our very first Home, a space filled with all the things we love and are inspired by. Most importantly, we finally had the opportunity to create a space that would welcome you — and your loved ones — with open arms. Armed with fresh bakes from our in-house cafe, we went door to door to say a little hello to our neighbours in this creative enclave. We were incredibly thrilled to be here.

It was always exciting at Chip Bee Gardens, a space that allowed us to embrace the different seasons: we enjoyed the sun-lit mornings, the cosy wet evenings and all the moments in-betweens. There was always something to look forward to! Days went by, and as quickly, more of you walked through the doors filling our Home with so much laughter, warmth, and joy. We gathered and bonded over our love for the prints, especially through the workshops we held for our community. For our first Christmas, we launched Our Mini Nature. It was heartwarming seeing you and your Mini mes come together for Treasures of the Sea, as we baked and shared some special Treasure cookies with them, and prepared a fun oyster shucking activity for all. It was always a good time with friends, whether they’re young or simply young at heart.

Every now and then, we would jazz up our glass windows — with stickers of flowers from Fieldnotes, to the sea creatures of Harbour, even bringing out vases of tulips for the taking during Mother’s Day last year. One time, we created a hopscotch out of our Roadmap print! What great fun that was seeing young ones taking their first hops alongside parents joining in the adventure, a step at a time. 

This space, our first Home, holds some of our most precious memories. It’s here that strangers became friends, and family.

It therefore brings us great sadness to share that we will be saying goodbye to our home of six years to make way for new adventures. Doors to Our Second Home (Chip Bee Gardens) will be open only until Sunday, 18 February 2024, making this our last day of operations at this address.

Before we close the curtains and turn the locks, we would like to welcome you back Home for a Second more.

Time to say goodbye
Our Second Home
43 Jalan Merah Saga #01-66
Singapore 278115
10 – 8 daily (till Sunday 18 February)


Our Second Hideaway (Great World) remains open during this time.
You may also find us online at oursecondnature.com.

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With gratitude and love,
Our Second Nature